Best Slot Apps

Just like the slogan says: "There's an app for that." And there really is. With almost a million applications on the market there is so much to choose from. Just yesterday I downloaded an app that helps me learn Spanish. Applications are a great way to perfect your craft. Other than playing at the casino or at an online casino from sites like, it really is your best option. The problem is finding the best applications. I decided to go through all of the slot machine applications and find the best ones for every budget.

If you don't mind advertisements every now and then ‘Slot Machine' is your game. Even though this is free it is still one of my favorites. There are over 20 different varieties to choose from and a 100 credit bonus when you download.

If you have an extra dollar lying around then ‘Lucky 7 Slots' or ‘Monkey Money Slots' are for you. These two are great options because they offer many different themes and have a lot of fun features.

Fancy yourself a high-roller? Download ‘Vegas Slots.' This app is my favorite by far. I literally feel like I am in the middle of the Vegas Strip when I play this application on my phone or tablet computer. The best part about apps is that they are always with you. You always have your phone with you, right? Now you can always have your slots with you!

I hope you've enjoyed my lise of the best slot apps and check back often for more reviews!

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