Best Slot Strategy

If anyone ever tells you that they can help you win slot games, they are lying. Every slot machine in a brick and mortar or online casino has random number generation embedded in them. This concept can be explored further on Wikipedia. The main thing you have to know about RNG is that it cannot be manipulated, and ensures that every game is fair and random. So we now know that it is impossible for someone to help you win at slots, but what I can tell you though, is that I can give you tips for making more money while playing slot machines.

Let's talk best slot strategy. When you start playing a slot always set an amount of money that you expect to lose. Once you have this number pick your machine. I like to place the max bet on my machine, if this means playing the penny machine, then I play the penny machine. If you aren't placing max bets then you cannot win the maximum jackpot. Here is the most important part of the equation: when to switch machines. Many seasoned players have a 3 play rule; I like to do 5 or 10, meaning: if you don't win anything significant in the time you are playing the machine for 5 to 10 spins, move on. You will be tempted to stay at the machine in hopes that it is ready to hit, but it is best to move on, I promise.

Go practice this strategy out whether you play at American, UK or Canadian Online Casinos, you won't be disappointed.

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