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Terrific Article About Australian Gaming

When you play at the online casinos for real money, you are expected to have a good time. You go, you gamble, and hopefully you do not have any sort of gaming addiction so that it ends up being a fun and exciting time for you. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do that. Many people feel that they have to play everything that is offered them and that they must keep playing until they win. This is what has been going on in Australia and many people are very concerned about what this means for the country and for its people.
There is a terrific article entitled Online gaming the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia and it is all about the spread of gambling in Australia. They already know that they have a high incidence of gambling addicts from their slot machines, and now they are concerned that they are going to have a high number of addicts at home playing on their computers as well. They have done a recent study per the article that claims that the average problem gambler is losing around $825 a month. That is a lot of money for the majority of people who live in Australia.

If you go on and read the rest of the article is talks about their studies and what they have found in regards to the impact that legalizing online gambling could have in their country. They say that because there are so many doing it, and so many more doing it these days than used to, that there is cause for real concern for the legalization of it. They feel that one of the biggest problems is because they cannot control how much they put in or monitor it like they can in a live casino.

How Does One Play for Real Money?

There are really two ways of playing at the online casinos. You can play for real money or you can play for free. There are plenty of places that you can play for free, and many players take this avenue if they are looking for a way of boning up on a skill, or if they have very little with which to gamble. However, playing for real money takes guts, a larger bank roll, and determination to see it through. Playing with real money often leaves the player lighter the first few times that they play, but eventually they get the hang of it and then when you play you get more money.

According to industry reports similar to, there are some terrific sites that you might want to check out. Many players use a combination of free and real money online casinos so that they can make their money last longer and they can work on their strategies without losing any money. One of the best parts of the industry is that this is allowed, and is even encouraged. They want you to win – because if you win you gamble more and others will come and gamble as well. So it just makes sense for them for you to get better.

The fact is that real money can be scary for those that have not played that way before, but if you have spent the time and worked out how to get your strategy working, then you will easily see that this is a great way to go to increase your bankroll. If you choose to play for free all the time you will have a good time – but you won't ever win any money and that is really what gambling is about.

Mobile Gaming Simplified

There is a new app by the London based Smart Gaming Group that is going to make mobile gamblers very happy. The UK licensed company announced that they are bringing a roulette app to the real money gambling world and that they expected that it would be very popular with gamblers. They said that it was going to be the "first of its kind" and that it would be able to be used on both the Android and the iOS operating systems which means that iPhone users would be able to participate in it as well. This means that you would also be able to gamble on a roulette table almost everywhere you go, and if you are a fan of the games this simply makes it all that much more exciting news. You can go to sites like, but sometimes you just want to be able to play it wherever you are and this app will give you the freedom to do just that.

The app is completely free – after all why wouldn’t it be – and you can play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat through the app for real money. You can also watch it on their interactive gaming channel, but that is separate from the app for your mobile device. You can get it for Europe and the UK and assuredly when it is legal in the US you will be able to play it there as well.

But this new app is very exciting for the group as it is the first one of its kind, which means there are many more to follow their lead. Not only that, but it comes hot on the heels of the release of the first social live roulette Facebook game that they had out just a few weeks ago. This company is definitely one to watch!

Zynga Brings in Olsha

Zynga is not fooling around when it comes to switching to an online casino that brings in real money. They have hired Maytal Olsha, a former online gambling executive, to help them move into the markets that will allow them to offer real money gaming. Olsha is known for working as a SVP for 888 Holdings Plc, also known simply as 888, and has left the company to come work for Zynga to help usher them into a new era in gambling. According to Bing News, she will be reporting to EVP Barry Cottle of Zynga and they are expecting great things from the addition. She will be COO of new markets so that she can assist them with their expansion into the real money wagering market. She will also oversee gambling strategy and development, and the company says that they feel "optimistic" about the changes that they are making.

They said that she "joins [their] team with a deep understanding and direct experience in getting online gaming product offerings off the ground and directly into the hands of players." They believe that they are going into a new realm with these changes and they also feel that with the US really on the cusp of allowing online gambling to be legalized nationally that they are going to be in a good position to bring that home. They also know that as the individual states start bringing in their own forms of online gambling that this will likely allow them to move into the country sooner. Obviously there are many details that will have to be worked out, but they are confident that they can do so by moving into the UK market first and then expanding from there.

There are many sites out there already, such as, that are looking to move into the US industry and are simply biding their time, so Zynga is not alone in their thinking. However, they already have a big name behind them due to their Facebook connections and free gaming, so this could give them a leg up on the competition. As there is no timeline yet for the US to legalize their end of the deal it cannot be known when Zynga will make that move, but in the interim this is a great way for them to shore up their sites and be prepared for when it might happen. The belief is that they will be bringing in plenty of that real money in a very short period of time. © 2011. All Rights Reserved. online casino real money