How Will Facebook Change

If you haven't heard, or if you're living under a rock, Facebook went public today. Their shares are starting out at $38 according to This is a huge deal for the most popular social media site in the world. It has made the artist who painted their once small office rich, Bono even richer, and several other shareholders happy they invested in this company some time ago.

There are many changes that are being made but there is one question that must be answered: How is this going to affect the site? If you are on Facebook or know someone who has an account you know about the uproar that seems to occur when a simple change is made to the format of the site. Every six months or so the developers decide to throw everyone off with the addition of a Timeline or a Cover Photo. Humans do not adapt to change well so you can only imagine what the reactions are going to be like now that there are so many more affected by this once small collegiate site.

One change that is d

efinitely in the works is the addition of gambling to the site. There have already been several talks and negations with online UK gaming sites Gamesys and 888 about testing the addition in the UK in the near future. Of course the critics who are against this idea feel that it will change the safe and relaxed atmosphere that the social networking site has provided throughout the years.

Teenagers and adults enjoy the site and all of its features, does it need more? What do you think? How will Facebook change in the coming years?

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