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Paco and His Popping Peppers Slot Review

If you are looking for an exciting slot then look no further than Paco and his popping peppers slot game. Paco may not work for, but he will work it across the stage if you hit one of the game's many coveted bonuses. In fact, hitting the right bonus will wake Paco up and get him and his Peppers dancing and playing guitar.

This may look like your average five reel, 30 line game, but it is anything but average. These reels are filled with some of the most exciting slot characters I have seen in a while. With each pineapple, piñata and pepper having their own distinct attitude, this game really is a riot. Place your bets on any or all lines if you would like. Bets start at $.02 and can go up to $150 with the multiplier option. This option is rarely offered with slots these days and if a great feature to take advantage of. This game literally has something for everyone, and who doesn't love bonuses? See what happens when you land on three piñatas, or three peppers. The Fiesta Bonus allows you to play a very special game within the slot. You are transported to the beach where you will participate in a game of "Higher or Lower" until you guess three incorrectly. It's quite interactive and one of the most lucrative slots I've played in a while.

I hope you're enjoyed my Paco and his Popping Peppers review, and don't take my word for it, go see for yourself! Ole!

Gambling on Facebook

What if I were to tell you that soon you will be able to play your favorite casino games on your favorite social media site? I'm not talking about those casino applications that are all over Facebook, I'm talking about actual wagers with real money. Facebook has been in the works perfecting an online casino affiliation with casinos like Gamesys and 888. There have been several meetings and negotiations revolving around the idea of broadening Facebook's horizons and making it into a powerhouse of a website. But will it be sensory overload?

This new concept will be tested in the UK, as they have always been a very stable region with a strong government involvement in the online gambling industry. UK Online Casinos happen to be some of the most reputable casinos on the web. The licensing paired with great software companies that are affiliated with them make for a very secure and enticing gambling environment.

According to an article I read on there is a lot of speculation surrounding making such a dramatic change for the website. Many critics think that this will be a detrimental change to the younger users of Facebook. There will definitely be age verification involved to ensure that the website stays a safe and secure place to visit on the web.

So what do you think? Will you be relieved to find your favorite gambling sites merged with your favorite social media site? Do you like the idea of gambling on Facebook? Or would you prefer them stay separate? I personally am indifferent.

Best Blackjack App

The best way to get good at something is to practice, right? What if I told you about my secret weapon when it comes to mastering your blackjack online game? Well, I'm going to. Here it goes, are you ready? Applications; there is virtually an app for everything these days. Why not download one that is going to benefit you and your pocket?
The best thing about applications is the versatility and flexibility. Blackjack is a great game of skill and chance. Knowing what you're doing, and practicing will make you far more money in the game of blackjack. There are also several different kinds of blackjack, finding the one that suits you best is a great skill to have. With some of these blackjack apps you are going to get step by step instruction for the most amateur player, as well as many strategies even the most seasoned player hasn't tried.
You have your phone with you, you might even be using it to read this blog, so let's go look at the app store, shall we? If you are looking for a free game, and don't mind the ads then Blackjack88 and Blackjack Classic are your games. They have nice bonuses and are easy to navigate.
My favorite would have to be Blackjack Multihand though. This game has awesome graphics and will give you tips and tricks along the way. Just like the name suggests, you can play up to three hands at one time. The only bad thing about this game is the dollar price tag. I think it's worth it though.

Best Slot Strategy

If anyone ever tells you that they can help you win slot games, they are lying. Every slot machine in a brick and mortar or online casino has random number generation embedded in them. This concept can be explored further on Wikipedia. The main thing you have to know about RNG is that it cannot be manipulated, and ensures that every game is fair and random. So we now know that it is impossible for someone to help you win at slots, but what I can tell you though, is that I can give you tips for making more money while playing slot machines.

Let's talk best slot strategy. When you start playing a slot always set an amount of money that you expect to lose. Once you have this number pick your machine. I like to place the max bet on my machine, if this means playing the penny machine, then I play the penny machine. If you aren't placing max bets then you cannot win the maximum jackpot. Here is the most important part of the equation: when to switch machines. Many seasoned players have a 3 play rule; I like to do 5 or 10, meaning: if you don't win anything significant in the time you are playing the machine for 5 to 10 spins, move on. You will be tempted to stay at the machine in hopes that it is ready to hit, but it is best to move on, I promise.

Go practice this strategy out whether you play at American, UK or Canadian Online Casinos, you won't be disappointed.

Best Place to Place Bets

Finding a great place to gamble online can prove to be a tough feat sometimes. There are so many things to consider when picking the perfect place to place your bets. I like to follow a simple rule. It's easy to determine, and also simple to find. I like to play at casinos that are licensed out of Curacao. I know that might sound strange if you are new to the online casino scene, but this is a great rule to abide by.

If you are not aware which casinos have a license from Curacao there is a full list at This website is great for providing valuable information about the online gambling industry. Picking the right online casino is especially important because you wouldn't give your credit card number to an unaccredited bank, why would you give it to an unaccredited online casino.

One of my favorite casinos to play at that operates with a license from Curacao is Aladdin's Gold. This casino has a payout percentage of 95.1 and has an unlimited welcome bonus. This is very rare in online casino bonuses; there is almost always a limit to the welcome bonus.

I found Aladdin's Gold like I find all of my other favorite online casinos, through review websites. My favorite game to play is blackjack so I usually go through the website: This website not only tells you the best and most reliable places to play blackjack online, but it also provides valuable tips and tricks for the best casino game, in my opinion.

Roulette Probability

If you want to win money at an online casino roulette is a great place to start. This game involves a lot of chance but if you know what you're doing, along with know the proper bets to place then you could really come out on top.

As you know there are two different types of wheels in roulette. There is the American wheel that has a double zero, and the European wheel that lacks the double zero, but has a single zero. Wikipedia helps you sort through all of the differences too. The European wheel is usually hard to find in just any casino, so if you are looking for that variety it is best to look online. I love gambling online, I definitely prefer it to an actual brick and mortar casino.

I'm going to go over some roulette probability for you, and I will be sure to include the figures for both types of wheels.

By far the most popular bet in roulette is the single number bet. It carries a 2.7% probability in the European and a 2.63% on the American. This is the most popular and best payout, but it also the worst odds.

The second most popular bet is the split bet with a 5.41% edge with the European and 5.26% with the American wheel.

Now that you know the worst probability bets, let's go over some of the best.

The outside bet carries the best odds with a 48.65% chance of winning on the European wheel, and a 47.37% chance of winning on the American.

In roulette the most popular bets aren’t always the smartest, be sure to know your options and really make the most out of your roulette experience.

What You Don’t Know About Online Poker

Online poker is by far the most popular game to play online, so it is no wonder that is the game with the most controversy. Back in April when the poker sites we indicted, it seemed to get a bit of a bad rep, but it quickly shifting for the better, especially recently.

If you are unfamiliar with what happened in April of this year, allow me to inform you. Several poker domains were seized by the federal government because the sites were disobeying a 2006 anti-gamming law which prohibited US banks from processing internet payments.

What most people don't know is that these banks were getting nice incentives for masking wagers with such things as jewelry, golf balls and even flower sales. These items do not appear specifically in the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act, so it was a way to get around the law, so to speak.

According to an article I read on Wired, John Campos, vice president of SunFirst Bank of Utah was prosecuted for accepting wagers in exchange for an "investment" of 10 million dollars.

Full Tilt, based out of Ireland, and Pokerstars, based out of the Isle of Man were arguably the two largest poker sites in the world, and will forever struggle to gain back popularity, although Full Tilt has already been approached by a French company to continue doing business as soon as the US starts regulating online gambling.

There are at least two bills right now trying to be passed through legislation, so hopefully the regulation of online wagering in the US will soon be a reality.

Casino Bodog to Stop Accepting US Players

Bodog will no longer be accepting US players. As of December 31st US players won't even be allowed to access, or any other Bodog-branded websites. Bodog is a vast empire, so this may be detrimental to many American players.

So why the cut-off? Their current licensing, from Morris Mohawk Gaming will be ending, and they will be granted a license from the U.K. Gambling Commission. This is huge news for the brand, everyone involved in the company is very excited about it. They actually heard the news in July that they would be granted a license, but had to wait out the remainder of their contract with MMGG.

The brand does not want to risk negative attention in emerging markets such as Asia that is why the decision had to be made to withdrawal U.S. players. A U.K. license is accompanied by added trust and credibility in the company.

What does this mean for current Bodog players? All of your funds will remain safe and they will have to option of switching  to Morris Mohawk Gaming's new brand.  Mohawk will actually be launching their own brand including a online casino real money can be earned next year, licensed under Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Bodog was one of the few casinos still allowing US players after the April 15th indictments of PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker. Bodog ranks 13th in all around online casino traffic, and 2nd among sites still accepting American players.  But they do continue to be the world largest gaming brand, and founder Calvin Ayre plans to keep it that way for a very long time.

What’s the Difference Between Keno and Bingo

While visiting my sister in Washington D.C. I noticed a lot of people playing this bingo-like game in almost all carry-outs and delis. I asked my sister about it and she told me it was just like bingo, but it was called Keno.

I was not satisfied with this answer so when I got back to her apartment I went to and got to the bottom of this mystery.

With bingo, players do not have the option of picking their numbers, while in Keno they do. Players receive cards with random numbers on them in Bingo, and in Keno you can pick anywhere from one to 20 numbers.

Betting in bingo is simple because it is all the same, while in Keno you place a different bet every time, and pick how much that bet will be.

Bingo numbers are randomly drawn, until the player fills up the design that is required, while Keno they only choose a set number of numbers, usually 20, and there can only be one winner, but there could potentially be more than one winner in bingo.

So what does all of this mean to you? Well when playing these games in online casinos it is helpful to know which one might give you the better odds. In my experience I have won more playing Keno, but that is just me, some people prefer Bingo because it is less intimidating and easier to understand. They are both fun though, t=so there is really no bad choice.

Florida House Speaker has Open Mind About Gambling

Many states cannot make up their minds about the gambling industry, and Florida is no exception.

House Speaker Dean Cannon has been apprehensive about bringing gambling to Florida, although he claims to have an open mind about the whole decision.

The article I was reading on Bing brought up many different points, but in my eyes it all boils down to one thing: Money. The gambling industry brings along with it jobs, taxes, entertainment, and doesn't Florida love tourists? It just seems like a natural transition in my eyes.

Cannon is not in agreeance with the bill proposed because it does not have definite guidelines and restrictions involving gambling he wants to see happen in his state. Although Senate president Mike Haridopolos is trying to get destination gambling resorts passed through legislation. 

It is rumored that a major gaming company has downtown Miami all mapped out and ready to go.

Many states model after what Washington D.C. is doing, and they have also been legging on the subject. The District was supposed to approve just for fun poker, bingo and fantasy sports games by July, and start wagering by September, and that clearly hasn't happened yet.

These states will make up their mind soon, I read in the news almost every day about a state inching closer and closer, it's just a matter of time. Not only will we all be able to walk into a casino and play whichever game we'd like, but we'll also be able to get on our computer and play blackjack, poker, and even free slot machine games. © 2011. All Rights Reserved. online casino real money